Diet & Food

Bananas, not a metaphor.


banana photo by Julia Biach


After a recent bout of illness my doctor put me on a course of steroids and as anyone who’s been on steroids will admit, it skews your relationship with food. You literally become an eating machine or atleast think about food a lot! I found myself obsessing about eating bananas, many of them.

Now, I’m traveling in Himachal so I had resigned myself to having a pallid version of this hot-weather fruit- bananas get better the more south you go – but I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of bananas available here –  more mellow than the regular ones but on the whole flavorful, fibrous and very satisfying.

As someone who’s into yoga and  fitness I’m often asked all kinds of questions abut diet and how often to eat and what to eat and it made me realize what a veritable godsend the banana is.  I have decided that if there were a penultimate breakfast or a snack- the banana is it!  It’s healthy, loaded with vitamins and very easily accessible.

I cringe to remember a classmate of mine who ate pop-tarts for breakfast. Even with my steroid induced munchies the thought of eating processed wheat, preservatives and sugar on an empty stomach makes me ill.  There are a tonne of  breakfast bars that have proliferated the Indian market , supposedly ‘natural’ but really just synthetic crap with sugar and preservative and devoid of nutrition ; I compare those with the humble banana and it’s a no brainer! It’s like comparing flowers- real and synthetic ones-not that I’d eat flowers.

Also did you know that body builders, the old-school hatta katta ones suggest bananas and milk as a breakfast food (drink)?

I look back to my student days and remember  mornings sitting in the back rows surreptitiously peeling a banana. Even today when I have a tight morning schedule I find myself sitting in a car quelching the morning hunger pangs with this personable fruit.

Compared to other fruit the unpretentious banana wins hands down. First things first,most fruit is expensive  the banana isn’t. Second they’re availableeverywhere. They’re easy to store, no chopping required and unlike other fruit they don’t leave you feeling like you haven’t eaten. They can be carried  around without worrying about spilling or spoiling- atleast for the day and you can eat them at anytime- breakfast, post-breakfast snack, pre-lunch and especially in the afternoon when you have that dangerous gap between lunch and dinner – which most people break eating junk like samosas and sweetened vending machine tea. The only time you shouldn’t eat a banana is after the sun sets or if you haven’t paid for it.

Also people who don’t eat breakfast won’t get this eulogy to a fruit.

I forgot to mention yogically, bananas because they’re a primary source of nutrition (plants) are packed with energy or prana which is a good thing.

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