“listlessness, flat lining and anger.

Anger consumes me ; I feel like I’m at a crossroad. One started out doing yoga, fingers pointed thinking of all the people I could change. Instead it gives you a reality check of how coloured your perception of the world is.

And so you realise ‘the project’ is you and you don’t feel all that revolutionary after all. More like someone returning from rehab in a world that’s still allowed to drink.

You look forward to the company of dogs and strangers because you make no sense to the people around you.

physical activity works as a balm to your fevered mind.

You look forward to days when it rain’s.”

2 thoughts on “Contrary.mp3

  1. You’re a very angry person? But you’re a yoga teacher? Aren’t all yogis very shanti? How can you find peace then?

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