“Find out if your relationship is destined to last or whether it’s time to throw in the towel?”

firstly L fucking OL.
I did not write that headline, but wish I did. Not only because it’s an attention grabber but because the accompanying article was on YahooNews and they get so much traffic! I read their stuff all the time when I get out of my email account and their headlines are the best! They had a great article on Breast Milk Ice-cream that I will discuss at a later date, when I have the time to devote to it.

I wonder what is the demographic of the person that writes these things though? They’re so well written but clearly pop-psychology.
Irrespective of that after reading this glorious article on yahoo news – I have figured two things;-
that a) I am one of those people who read relationship advice on the internet and
b) that all signs indicate that she is the one.


So when I’m walking around the fire, seven times as the Hindus do it in our holy marriage ceremony – I’ll be sure to thank the gifted copywriter at Yahoo’s Online News Division for convincing me that I’m in the real deal. And if she or he is old enough to buy a drink at the time of the said nuptials -I will buy them one! Yahoo news headline writer – I.O.U. !

Have abbreviated and pasted below – just a quick scan will make you laugh!
The last one is especially good.

Signs they’re not the one

Find out if your relationship is destined to last or whether it’s time to throw in the towel.

The bad times outnumber the good
You should feel secure and content in your relationship at least eighty percent of the time. If you can’t remember the last time you actually had fun together without arguing or things getting fraught it could be time to pack your bags.

They constantly put you down
A bit of friendly teasing is cute, but if your other half seems to get their kicks from making you the butt of all their jokes or belittling you in public, alarm bells should definitely be ringing. Putting someone down – especially in front of others – is a power game that you should play no part in.

They refuse to talk things through
All relationships hit rocky patches, but if your partner deals with things by shutting down and giving you the ultimate passive-aggressive silent treatment you’re never going to be able to work through your issues together. It’s time to move on.

Little things get on your nerves
Okay, so it’s annoying when he/she leaves the cap off the toothpaste or forgets to put the milk back in the fridge, but those aren’t deal breakers. It’s when you start to feel irrationally annoyed by silly little things like his hairy toes or her singing in the shower that you know they’re not the one for you.

They take you for granted

You disagree about the future

They forget important stuff

You can’t stand their friends

There’s no spark

They don’t like your family”

Their Name is Ted Bundy

4 thoughts on ““Find out if your relationship is destined to last or whether it’s time to throw in the towel?”

  1. lol. It was a medical practitioner, a hot-nurse basically. Informing me about safety in a big city and gave charming Ted Bundy as an example of people not to go with unescorted.

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