Yoga + Fit

Ten Breaths.

I find Nadi Shodhana pranayama a go-to for all kinds of things. Both with students and myself. It can complement a sometimes dry asana practice and gives it that “other” element. Unlike some pranayama that sometimes have contra-indications or involve change in diet or environment, it can be done by almost anyone safely.

 It helps with managing swinging moods, oscillating feelings. It balances tendencies of introversion and extroversion. It’s a great way to calm and centre an active mind. In APMB it prescribed for everything from Insomnia to Acidity and Alzheimer’s. For women, it also works wonders with the hormonal and libidal surges associated  with menstruation.

 Beginners can avail of the benefits of this wonderful technique by doing the beginners variation, which is simply to breath through one nostril 10 times and switch to the other. I say 10 because one can focus for 10 breaths and it’s a good minimum standard. Asana Pranayama Mudra Bandha and even the CIBY explain in detail how to set up a good practice and progress in it.
Or you could  ask me.

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