mind chatter

I’m thinking about clarity and succinctness and where our thoughts come from

Are we to be continually reacting to the world,

In a continual state of flux I bounce off walls I can’t see

Swayed by honourable decent things one time and then swayed by money and power and fame and

sometimes positively indecent things

Swayed by the popular perception

and sometimes by petty feelings

It is so hard to keep track or ever even know what is innate

What if every aspiration is conditioning and as changeable?

What and where is our internal map,

is there any?

What gives life direction,

What gives action direction

Which feelings and emotions are justified

And what feeds this body and mind

Is it a simple case of what goes in , goes out?

How can one live in any situation and learn to be at peace with you?

When is action informed, how do you know that your actions are informed?

I am beyond playing roles assigned to me by people

Now it’s just my own roles

How do I see myself in this play that my mind creates for itself

When it comes  to a frenzy inside me it’s so easy to just shut it off

How do I then create a balance between my mind and the other place, the other way of being that isn’t this mind


all of this is hilariously funny

If I were to transcribe all the differing voices in my head it would be quite a schizophrenic pandemonium

And all this while there is this external other world

If I am not out to lunch who is?

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