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Lose weight like never before?

I read the most ridiculous thing on Yahoo News the other night, sometimes these things just fall into your lap. What joy.

It claimed that popping pills to suppress your appetite was a “natural” way to curb your appetite.

The author needs to get a clue- the natural way to curb your appetite would be to shut your mouth.

Popping pills to suppress your appetite is one of the most absurd solutions to weight-loss that I’ve heard and will seriously mess up your relationship with your body and your appetite.

The article says that the discovery of the protein Hemopressin could pave the way for a “new diet drug without side effects”. Here is a link to the article

This is seriously the point that we’ve come to, that we cant say no to food?

SRK said the most hilarious thing when asked about how he developed six pack abs- his diet mantra he says is “eat less”!

I find it unfortunate that people buy into things like diet pills because they perpetuate a skewed relationship with food.

It’s saying ‘eating is bad for you’ versus saying ‘eat right’ and ‘watch how much you eat’.

There’s no point popping pills if the food you eat at the times you are hungry is processed and devoid of nutrients. And food is what sustains our lives which is why we laud the digestive fire because it ensures our existence! We are designed to eat. The way to curb over-eating is an act of will and it needs awareness and education and popping pills should be a last resort.

Your body needs nourishment, it needs it’s fats, carbs and proteins and it’s veggies and fruits. My food plan is to eat a bit of everything and to eat closer to primary sources of nutrition i.e plants. Plants are a powerhouse of energy and a “pure” source because plants synthesise food and water in sunlight to produce food and other animals (herbies and carnis ) eat them.

There is this trainer who summarized my personal eating policy better than I ever could, which is ‘The Good, the Bad and the Ugly’. Generally I eat all the healthy stuff  first , then the slightly less-healthy and then the heart-attack-waiting-to-happen kind of food. What usually happens is that by the time I’m done with the healthy stuff, I have little room in my stomach to deal with the unhealthy stuff.

I’m not super-human. There are days when I’ll eat complete crap and drink lots of coke but on a regular basis I try to eat healthy, so that even when I eat ‘junk food’ I don’t become crazily guilty and count every bite.

diet moods

Beware of the Munchies

Trying to lose weight is hard enough- it sucks when diets make you feel guilty about what you eat- diet pills take that guilt to an extreme- appetite is a good thing- don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Learning to eat with awareness and retraining our bodies and minds to eat healthier is a better first step than killing the natural appetite.

I’m not big on diet books but read this succinct book by Rujuta Diwekar on eating healthy and how one can lose weight without losing one’s peace of mind. It’s anecdotal and very cutely written. Check it out:-

You could also read what Jackie Warner says on diet and exercise, very appropriate for the highly-sugared American diet.

Good luck with your plan and don’t stress yourself out too much about the extra weight. It takes small steps and you’ll  get there 🙂

No pills. (unless it’s for a medical condition and then prescribed by a sane doctor)

2 thoughts on “Lose weight like never before?

  1. I think it’s ok for people to pop pills if they don’t want to exercise. Sure, they might die or be very unhappy, but I’d rather be skinny and miserable than happy and fat.

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